One who offers life abundantlywtfdh2v25t5v8msorkwbvfpbunoefl2jOne who offers life abundantly">One who offers life abundantlybvcaehe9jc279hbaaw26skk6cjjkaiufOne who offers life abundantly

(English → Español) View originalTranslators: There’s an b5kyw013b0ulyls4dnze45v7k7h0k6guarticle in the New Yorker (via Tim Challies) about euthanasia in Belgium. The main story of the article is a man looking for answers to what happened to his mother, who suffered from depression all her life and in the end committed doctor-assisted suicide. The story is both heartbreaking […]

NOT the Big Onezmz9v9w7zklqll365obe42vkm72n4fksNOT the Big One">NOT the Big Ones7gnfz2kavpym6d3k9xf4j1ob2ersqb7NOT the Big One

(English → Español) View originalTranslators: About noon today we were in the office (aka Starbucks) when the building started to shake, just a little at first then more and more, back and forth. Everyone’s reaction was the same: dawning realization, then looking around to see if anyone else felt it, then looking at each other […]

Driving in Mexico6vow9nj0hx3ehhtdusoc6ctwbh469g9zDriving in Mexico">Driving in Mexicoiijqm65ecs2hko3j8w0o2c5dgk2jnpcyDriving in Mexico

(English → Español) View originalTranslators: Here’s an article by the Economist magazine on drivers’ licenses in Mexico. It’s so true. I just got a license here, because I couldn’t renew online in Washington. It cost me $600 for three years (quite a bit more expensive than in WA), and took about an hour to go […]

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