January 2012 Prayer Letter

Un Año Nuevo

Last year has ended and we’re almost 8% of the way through 2012, so it’s time for another prayer letter. We haven’t sat down to write for a while because so much seems to be happening. We closed off the year with activities such as a football camp for kids in the neighborhood, handing out Christmas goodies to neighbors and contacts here in Pueblo Nuevo, and mourning the loss of a dear friend. This year has started off full. We’ve had some good planning sessions with Eddie, and are full of hope for this year.

In December we showed a movie and invited families. There were about 30 people there, and one of our seminary teammates, Carlos, shared the Gospel. The week before Christmas Tim hosted a football clinic every morning. It went well, as we are beginning to see a small nucleus of enthusiasts forming. Tim was able to share with the boys one quality of a good man each day, culminating with the Gospel on Friday (after an NFL highlights party at our house). We’re encouraged by the many new connections God has allowed us to develop in Pueblo Nuevo this past year. One night before Christmas we attended a neighborhood Posada/Pastorela, a traditional Mexican Christmas party. We enjoyed it and also met some neighbors. We’ve put a video up on YouTube if you’re interested in seeing what it was like.

On Christmas Eve, we received a phone call saying that our dear friend Carlos de la Garza had died, due to complications from kidney failure. Carlos was a dear friend and a fellow worker for the Lord from our time at Comunidad Biblica. He had been ill, but the news was a shock. So Christmas Eve and Day were spent with his wife, Martha, her girls and mother and Carlos’ family. It was a hard way to spend those days. Carlos preached on December 18 at Comunidad Biblica‘s Christmas program, sharing the Gospel with energy and effectiveness, as he always did–we have known few people with his love for Jesus and a passion for sharing Him with others. We have more about Carlos on our web page. Please pray for Martha, his wife, and daughters, Keren (9) and Estefania (6).

School actually started, much to our surprise, on January 3rd this year. So Tim jumped right back into computer classes and things have been moving pretty quickly since then. This year we’re looking for ways to deepen our friendships with people, particularly in ways that may lead to Bible studies. We’re planning to kick off English clubs for kids at the primary and high schools in February. Tim and Eddie started a weekly English conversation time for men Thursday and it went very well. Football is going well on Saturdays–we had 20 this past Saturday. We’re also looking for ways to have more regular input in a couple key areas. Tim is now praying with the neighborhood president and her staff Monday mornings. We’re hoping to start a discipleship time with the seminary students so we can strengthen potential members of a future team. We also want to target a couple families and individuals for Bible studies. We’ve had some good conversations with Miss O. Our prayer for this year is to end up with a couple of home Bible studies that will form the core of a future church.

Looking ahead, this summer will be full of groups coming down. We’re excited to be planning some fairly non-traditional missions trip work which will involve working with the schools and community in a variety of ways.


Football guys

Help Wanted
A very practical matter in which we’d like to ask for help right now is for Martha, Carlos’ widow. We’d like to invite you to join in caring for her and her daughters by giving toward the girls’ schooling costs. Martha has had an enormous weight laid on her and is coping well. She’s had a lot of learning to do in picking up the responsibilities of the business that Carlos (mainly) was running. If we could raise funds to help pay for the girls’ school, that would be an enormous blessing, and one way of keeping James 1:27. If you want to help, please reply to this email and we’ll tell you what you can do.



Carlos & Martha de la Garza


1. For Carlos’ friendship and faithful example of following Christ.
2. For the time of prayer at the presidencia.
3. Tim’s leg is healing very well. He can run again!


1. For energy and wisdom to do the work: the English clubs, sports, teaching in the schools, youth activities.
2. For the prayer time at the president’s office.
3. Again: Please pray for Martha Escudero, Carlos’ wife, Martha (her mom), and Keren and Estefania.

May God change and use you this year!

Tim, Barbara-Lee, Drew, Gavin, Fiona


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