From Pennsylvania

Well, we made it here just fine. We had a pretty good trip out, thanks to Delta and Midwest Air. The kids enjoyed the flights. It really was the first for Gavin & Fiona, at least for all practical purposes. And it was great flying with kids who can walk (no stroller) and use the bathroom (no diaper changes) and entertain themselves (mostly) and enjoy the flying.

It’s amazing, though, how 5-6 hours in the air (about the same flying time as to Puebla) translates to a 13 hour day, door-to-door. That’s a bit tiring. And the Detroit airport was pretty dirty (the futuristic red shuttle train was cool, though–we rode it several times just for the entertainment value). And we sat all the way in the back on our first leg, which was fine except that everybody in the plane used the bathroom like two times each, so there was this constant line in the aisle by our seats. Once upon a time, didn’t regular people get to go up front to the bathroom as well as the back ones? Now apparently the 12 first-class passengers share two bathrooms while the 200 others use two in back. And what’s up with the policy of loading planes front to back and children last?

Oh, well, those are minor complaints in what was a pretty good day (and lots worse could have gone wrong). So we’re thankful to be here in warm, sunny PA, “new home to spring-breakers”, where the initial indications are that we’ll have warmer, sunnier weather in April that we did last July…

And now I’ve got to go eat the Krispy Kremes Dad K so thoughtfully brought this AM.

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    Sure love you–and so glad you could get to PA though we do MISS you all!

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