Sermón: Mateo 2:13-23gpj82s2ktlsr9q97qoty4z4nuxz2co2fSermón: Mateo 2:13-23">Sermón: Mateo 2:13-23h6t7lji8svht5wbfgwoldkbtd8hdll9pSermón: Mateo 2:13-23

(English → Espa√Īol) View originalTranslators: Nota: este serm√≥n ser predic√≥ el 27 de enero. ¬°Se publica unas semanas despu√©s!7vlyiky894476urslbetxrd0oyfrpoak El nacimiento de Jes√ļs3l2z37robxtshusv6gcmxec9d04ot1vp La mano de Dios: Mateo 2:13-23g0u8pcjalj1oqmawxac94xpj0rhjv0bt Introducci√≥n: ¬ŅSabes la leyenda de Quetzalcoatl o la leyenda de Popo e Izta? ¬†Unas leyendas son historias padres nada m√°s pero otras nos pueden lastimar, como […]

Sermón: Zacarías8zsnqofqy6fq2xrupo6o8w4rk2e4mzujSermón: Zacarías">Sermón: Zacarías5wopes23xb8swwaq1q2yu61pdp7mfsv5Sermón: Zacarías

(English → Espa√Īol) View originalTranslators: Zacar√≠asrv8ba2nr4ptwro6laxpwm4pe3wqk5ld2 Dios trabajando3dcxemxt5r5c0nz5l3a9zochkips5a5b Introducci√≥n: ¬ŅEn alguna ocasi√≥n has hecho un tour de alguna planta? Una vez fui con Daniel a Teotihuac√°n a visitar un cliente suyo y me mostr√≥ la maquinaria, el proceso, y todo.jpo9mil5gz6n9lweiz5mbd2wdvmm7vvm6ka2rjjrrgc5e457ca05rqgetwh225xhaw1z8xd0kkcx07gsvrt2zdeqjvgc8praiub3idwbdstkdof33przg3t6r78vpw0jo5om8dsc337k6vurigapsy5cm0hfodxrcamprdp0kgvnd2x7mfv5lyb63fi6hfghhzjvogrk5r0qihv5ju1tj8em0kjll2zhlbhervib25gse43d474rpx75u7suildvn1xdpms9ww4aqop7jrn89mb9glex8x6k1rzeqfd70uz4sny8f88fytmuockfln5x Me qued√© fascinado.jpo9mil5gz6n9lweiz5mbd2wdvmm7vvm6ka2rjjrrgc5e457ca05rqgetwh225xhaw1z8xd0kkcx07gsvrt2zdeqjvgc8praiub3idwbdstkdof33przg3t6r78vpw0jo5om8dsc337k6vurigapsy5cm0hfodxrcamprdp0kgvnd2x7mfv5lyb63fi6hfghhzjvogrk5r0qihv5ju1tj8em0kjll2zhlbhervib25gse43d474rpx75u7suildvn1xdpms9ww4aqop7jrn89mb9glex8x6k1rzeqfd70uz4sny8f88fytmuockfln5x k33amhbd59mscop4e6fcg1icd8it43fqTodo complicado, todo grande e impresionante‚ĶPero, ¬Ņqu√© pasar√≠a, despu√©s del tour de […]

Sermón: Sofoníaswicovpssa6u82wvbzj2ki70vbc30mr6oSermón: Sofonías">Sermón: Sofoníasysrb4sf6stz1qfdjxg7valds9v75kh53Sermón: Sofonías

(English → Espa√Īol) View originalTranslators: Sofon√≠asqsv3zrms85d257u3oby52lk3zdsgty4c Refugio en la Tormentax7b5yg040y0wq4jvcqsze714rqf0ja8v ¬†Introducci√≥n: ¬ŅCu√°l ha sido el mejor d√≠a de tu vida? (ni√Īos) ‚Ķahora, ¬Ņcu√°l ha sido el peor d√≠a de tu vida? ¬ŅQu√© pasar√≠a si se mezclaran?¬† Everest: 1996 15 personas murieron en una tormenta en el Monte Everest‚Ķ¬Ņvez que suber el Everest podr√≠a ser el […]

Sermón: Habacuc81ba133ndeei9ggpqu4pcq5g32m1e48vSermón: Habacuc">Sermón: Habacuczclbrlhjnkf505cqcipsn0f1ssvvhmwiSermón: Habacuc

(English → Espa√Īol) View originalTranslators: Habacucr3irvr9desgk0d41j4a1t1g77r5nss5g Introducci√≥n: El a√Īo es 1873, y estamos en un barco en medio del Oc√©ano Atl√°ntico. Hay neblina y est√°s temblando con el fr√≠o a pesar de tu chamarra pesada. A unos pasos ves a un hombre junto al barandal viendo intensamente las aguas fr√≠gidas abajo. A su lado est√° […]

Tossing the rockg4y2xdph2xerz480725m7s6bw709fx72Tossing the rock">Tossing the rockf6sw3qjpsb1p5ielhdz8vovd6ibogyozTossing the rock

(English → Espa√Īol) View originalTranslators: We did football again today. We only had three, well, two, not counting Drew, but they were both regulars. We‚Äôre going to go to a weekly practice to boost attendance, we hope, so that kids and their parents get into a rhythm. We need to reserve the field so we […]

English class is overknlrude673trmg9bmhhf4dy1ts79av1aEnglish class is over">English class is overtl74255y5slgh3o5w9t2wleq9994b8cbEnglish class is over

(English → Espa√Īol) View originalTranslators: We finished up today. It went really well, but any lesson heavily focused on food that concludes with actual great food is always going to go well! The students conspired to bring chiles en nogada and a couple other dishes ‚Ķ Mmmmm. Again, Barbara-Lee was great, and the opportunities are […]

In Pueblo Nuevo at least our losing streaks are only about 3…">In Pueblo Nuevo at least our losing streaks are only about 3…

(English → Espa√Īol) View originalTranslators: Yes, we‚Äôve been playing soccer up at the fields for a couple weeks now, Tuesdays and Thursdays, 10 am-12 pm. There‚Äôs a group of guys that get together to play and we‚Äôve kind of insinuated ourselves into the mix. So we‚Äôre having fun, getting better at soccer (not saying much), […]


(English → Espa√Īol) View originalTranslators: This week (after saying goodbye to Mom & Dad) we were supposed to do an English camp for the teachers at the elementary school where Tim does computer classes. However, coming into this week, we were picking up pretty clear signs that it wasn‚Äôt going to work out. First, the […]

Eddie’s here">Eddie’s here

(English → Espa√Īol) View originalTranslators: I‚Äôm on the bus from Mexco City to Puebla, bringing our newest teammate, Eddie Ferguson, to Puebla. We are excited (although Gavin and Fiona and Drew more so even) about working with Eddie. He‚Äôs coming to work with us in Pueblo Nuevo, to help with the ministry there. Eddie is […]

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