June/July Prayer Letter

Well, the latest prayer letter is out. We debuted GoogleGroups to send it out. One email, 30 seconds to send, vs, 650 emails, all day, one hundred at a time. We’ll see how that goes. I’m happy, though, and less time on that make Barbara-Lee happy, and THAT makes the whole family happy!

Here’s the link and we’ll throw a teaser here…

By and by
Washington’s motto is “By and by”, which struck us as a very good motto for our prayer letter in June, as in, “We’ll write it by-and-by.” What a month-and-a-half it’s been! Let’s fill you in.

Medical team
We had a medical clinic scheduled for a Wednesday-Friday, June 15-17, in partnership with another church here in Puebla (they were very gracious to include us in their plans). We were pretty ready to go on Tuesday…until we got word Tuesday afternoon that the Health Department was shutting things down, due to a paperwork misunderstanding. So Tuesday night and all day Wednesday we worked the phones, followed contacts and prayed. We opened up on Wednesday, but only took vital signs and explained to people why we couldn’t treat them. At the same time we gave away all but 4 of our Gospels of John and many tracts—with a pretty low-key approach of explaining why we were doing this. We managed to get permission via email to continue with the clinic, on further review our ministry partners didn’t feel that the email gave us enough coverage against health inspectors and severe sanctions. I met with a lady from the local Heath Clinic in a last-ditch effort to see if they could do the clinic under their own auspices with us providing medicine and doctors. The meeting was brief and the lady explained it just wasn’t possible. So, not willing to expose our partner church to sanctions we called everything off…

But the story doesn’t end there …

Follow the link to the rest of the story (and photos)…

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