October 2011 Prayer Letter

New Growth

October has been full of new opportunities and challenges. We continue to work in the schools. We’re excited about the work we’re doing. Eddie and Sharalyn in particular are doing a great job with English in the high school and at the elementary. There are no big steps or interesting stories to tell about what’s going on, but in many ways that fits with our philosophy of ministry and life. God doesn’t generally work in big attention-grabbing ways. Usually he’s at work quietly, unnoticed, behind the scene. Think of what Elijah experienced on the mountain (1 Kings 19:11-13) or of Jesus’ parable of the seed (Mark 4:26-29). We’re praying for God to work through faithfulness over time.

Tim is limping around on crutches and a cast, after breaking a leg playing soccer. It’s slowed down his activities a bit, especially since he finally decided to let up and let it rest and heal for a few weeks. Three more weeks until the cast is supposed to come off!

Youth work
We did our first youth event on the 8th. It was a takeoff of the Amazing Race, with seven stations around the neighborhood that the kids had to run to. We ended up with 14 participants–all new contacts for us. We’re planning the next event–a volleyball tournament–for the 26th of November. Our goal is simply to get to know kids and start forming friendships with a nucleus.

We continue to have opportunities to share the Gospel with people as they ask. Eddie was able to witness to one of the principals this week. Last week Tim shared with a technician in the computer lab at school. One of the teachers at the high school is asking questions of Eddie and Sharalyn and we’re including her in family game nights and eating out. She’s from out of town, so we are getting to help her and befriend her.


Our Amazing Race group

Help Wanted
We just spent three days with a pastor from Ohio, who also happens to be an MK who grew up here. He came down to talk about the possibilities for a missions team next summer (and to be able to reassure parents of Puebla’s safety–it’s safe here!). We’re excited about the possibilities of working with his church in the schools here. All this is just to say that it’s missions team planning season. We have two, possibly three, weeks filled now, and if you would be interested in coming down, we’d encourage you to write and start talking with us!



The football throw for the Amazing Race.


1. For many opportunities to share the Gospel.
2. For the 14 teens who participated in the Amazing Race.
3. For our faithful teammates who continue to support us financially.


1. For Tim’s leg to heal correctly (and quickly!).
2. For the English teacher, Miss O.
3. We’re asking that the Lord will lead someone to ask for a Bible study with us starting this January. Pray that the Lord will work in someone’s (an individual or family) heart to give them a desire for His Word.

Thank you for your prayers as we work for Christ in Pueblo Nuevo.

Tim, Barbara-Lee, Drew, Gavin, Fiona


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