November 2011 Prayer Letter

Being Thankful

We don’t talk about our kids much in our letters. That’s mostly because we are so modest (ha!), but also because we want them to be kids, not MK’s (with all the baggage that sometimes implies). But we’ll make an exception right now, in part because we don’t have a better idea to start with, but in part because it makes for some easy writing. Plus, this is our Thanksgiving letter. We’re thankful for our kids! Drew is learning to be a friend to a kid at school that nobody else likes. It’s hard, but it’s teaching him to be strong and kind. He’s also learning to be the quarterback at football practice on Saturdays. In theory, it’s because he’s a natural leader, but maybe it’s just that he likes having the ball in his hands to run or throw. Umm, you might say Tim Tebow has nothing on Drew’s passing. Gavin has started praying for all his friends at school-and gotten Fiona in the habit too. Quickly he’s becoming a sports partner to Drew, playing baseball and soccer with him. He’s picked up reading and adding really quickly-he likes to quiz his dad, “What’s n + n?” But he still doesn’t want to tie his own shoes. Fiona leaves a trail of melted hearts wherever she goes. She appears to possess her mother’s artistic talents, loves to speak Spanish and somehow communicates with everyone as she butchers the grammar! She always wants to help and she is a comforter to those in need. We love our kids and are so very thankful for them. They are teaching us so much: wisdom, patience, love, laughter, and our need for our own Heavenly Father. Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these. I tell you the truth, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it,” (Luke 18:16-17) and, boy, was he right!

Besides raising three kids, we did a few other things in November. We started the month with a visitor, Jeremy Hudson, a former MK himself, and now a youth pastor in Ohio. He came down for a few days to work out details for a missions trip next summer. It was great to look forward to ministries next summer. Right now it looks like we could have 3-4 churches coming down next summer, including our home church. We anticipate doing a variety of activities with kids and the schools. Eddie was gone in Ecuador teaching, and Sharalyn left, so we realized just how much we are coming to depend on others to be working with people in the neighborhood. We’re also gradually getting more Mexicans involved, as Dan, a seminary student, is helping with the computers at school, a retired IT worker is interested in helping, and Tim is starting to meet with some of the small group leaders to pray and talk about ministry. We even have a neighbor who lived in Brooklyn helping with kids’ football on Saturdays!

Youth work
The best team development this month, however, was the volleyball tournament this past Saturday. There were six of us who helped plan and run it, each taking charge of an aspect such as publicity, the games, music, equipment and prizes. The event ended up going great. We had 6 teams of five, and between 70-100 spectators. It met and exceeded our highest hopes. Of course, the ultimate goal is not just to have big events with lots of people, but to begin to get to know some of the people, to make contacts, and lay the groundwork for spiritual interest. But this was only the second thing we’ve done, and we’re thankful for the good beginning. Having a team to plan and put it on is a big step. We’re very thankful for the other five: Eddie, Edgar, Dan, Carlos and José. Please be in prayer for them.

Being friends
We hosted eleven people for Thanksgiving dinner, including our friend, Miss O., the English teacher. It was special to include her in the day. Sharalyn was able to get to know her better and be a good friend to her, listening to her and praying with her about some personal issues.


Those three kids we talked about

Help Wanted
Sharalyn was fantastic. She came down for two and a half months and helped in the schools, met with other young ladies, with events, and just about anything else (washing dishes! watching the kids!). She worked on her Spanish and cultural abilities, and even got to tour and shop some! That’s one thing we are looking for: individuals who can lend a hand and jump into ministry in a variety of ways–even without specialized skills (if you can sing opera, though, that’s a bonus).



The team that worked on the volleyball tournament. Follow this link for more photos.


1. For Drew, Gavin, and Fiona as mentioned above.
2. For our teammates, North American (as you gringos are called) and Mexican.
3. For the good results with the volleyball.

3b. Tim’s cast is off!


1. For Drew, Gavin, and Fiona, that God will continue to give them (and their parents) hearts that are soft toward Him.
2. For our developing team (names listed above). We’re doing another youth event on Dec. 10.
3. Again: We’re asking that the Lord will lead someone to ask for a Bible study with us starting this January. Pray that the Lord will work in someone’s (an individual or family) heart to give them a desire for His Word.

Thank you for your prayers as we work for Christ in Pueblo Nuevo.

Tim, Barbara-Lee, Drew, Gavin, Fiona


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