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Beginnings, Endings

Taking stock: One of the good things about these prayer letters is that we have to look back and say, "What DID we do this month?" Usually that's a pretty easy question to answer, thankfully, and sometimes it's even surprising. That's the case this May, when we are saying, "We packed all that in?" We'd much rather leave stuff out of the prayer letter than scratch to try to put enough into it! In May, besides our normal activities we started with our leadership retreat, held a celebration for Mother's Day, Tim preached, we got our visas, we graduated another English class at the elementary school, and now we're writing from Pennsylvania where we've come for our FIM orientation.* More and more we realize that busy-ness should not be confused with more important things such as faithfulness, godliness, good stewardship, and even hard work, but sometimes it overlaps with them, and we trust that's been the case this May.

* And some catch-up time with Barbara-Lee's family.

We've finished up John's epistles with our Sun-Mon Bible studies and they will be taking a brief OT detour (Jonah) while we are out of the country. The Mother's Day celebration was great. We enjoyed pulling together a group that truly comes from all over and there was a great spirit of enjoyment and friendship. Eddie shared the Gospel, one of his first sermons in Spanish, and he did a great job. So we are very thankful for the month of May. God seems to be continually showing us, even in disappointments and trials, that He is leading and providing.

Leadership Team
Leadership team

Leadership retreat

Camping in town: Our retreat was great. We were going to camp together, but Sandra, one of the ladies, got sick the day before and rather than camping we stayed in town. It worked well, and we made significant strides forward in terms of definition, purpose, and identity-formation, as well as just enjoying being together. It really has been amazing to discover how much we are all on the same page in terms of outlook, priorities, and vision. We also complement each other well in terms of abilities. We're thankful for this time which was a significant step forward.

Ashfall over Puebla
Ashfall over Puebla

Volcano out back

Popocatépetl: A few weeks ago it started snowing one night. Ash, that is. The 17,700' volcano erupted extra-strong and all through the night ash fell. In the morning it reminded us northerners of waking up to snow. We even checked the radio to see if there would be school (there was). The "exhalations" haven't been too strong but we're tracking them on the government page (complete with webcams). Pray for the 18,000 (aprox.) who live at the foot of the volcano.

Help Wanted

Well it's official. Eddie informed us a couple weeks ago that he will not be returning to work with the team. He has been a blessing, a great worker, and a true friend for two years. We'll miss him greatly. We're sure God has a purpose for him back in the U.S. and for our team in Mexico. We have definitely learned by now that God always provides for our needs–personally and in ministry. So, this could be YOUR chance! Would you be interested in an adventure of ministry and personal growth? Let us know!


  1. Leaders' retreat: A good step forward as described above.
  2. Mother's Day: Another joint service went well.
  3. Our visas: The process went smoothly and we have them.


  1. Training: We're in Pennsylvania for training with FIM. Pray for this time.
  2. Bible studies: Pray for the Bible studies while we are away. Other leaders will be covering for us.
  3. House Wisdom: We've started negotiating about a lot. Please pray for God's wisdom in this.

We thank you for your prayers!
Tim, Barbara-Lee, Drew, Gavin, Fiona

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Praise Points

  1. Leaders' retreat
  2. Mother's Day
  3. Visas

Prayer Points

  1. Training
  2. Bible studies
  3. House wisdom
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