March 2013 Prayer Email


¡Cristo vive! Easter Sunday we are bringing together various Bible studies, small groups and friends to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection here in the neighborhood. The time will consist of a potluck, an ice-breaker, singing, and a short reflection on the meaning of Christ’s resurrection. Several members of one of the associated small groups here will be baptized earlier in the morning, so we are particularly excited to rejoice in that together. Additionally, for many who attend, it will be the closest thing to a non-Catholic service they’ve been to. We’re praying for God to use this time to spur further questions and commitment and that it would be a contrast to the normal festivities in the neighborhood, which are based more on tradition than on God’s life-giving truth. Please hold us up in prayer this Sunday.

Spring blossoms

Springtime blossoms

Wedding Reunion

We are still privileged to stay in touch with Comunidad Bíblica, our former church, on a semi-regular basis.  The church is growing and doing well.  They baptized 7 new believers a few weeks ago, and celebrated a wedding last Saturday, between an long-time friend and a young Polish lady. It was a joy to share in Hiram’s joy, and to meet many guests from all over: France, Switzerland, and …Seattle.

Kids Cumbre truck

Fiona, Drew, Gavin at wedding

Family stuff

Drew, Gavin & Fiona: Our kids are growing like crazy, it seems, based on how much milk they’re drinking! We are thankful, though, because that’s what God made kids to do. They’re growing on the inside as well, learning at school, sometimes with lots of growing pains. Gavin and Fiona are almost as fluent in Spanish as their big brother. And we’re thankful for the “inside growing” that’s spiritual as well, as they are learning both spiritual facts (Bible verses, stories) and habits (prayer, obedience to God). We think our biggest mission field is our kids, even as we don’t neglect our neighborhood.

Help Wanted

(Two things)

  1. Last month in our mention of our support shortfall, we neglected to actually link to the FIM giving page. So here it is, twice!
  2. Another fun need, would be for anyone interested in helping with a flag football camp this July.  We’d like to take a week for 1) serious training 2) recruiting new players 3) sharing the Gospel.  If you enjoy sports, and especially if you have experience with football and would like to help teach kids from ages 6 to 17, let us know!

We thank you for your prayers!

Tim, Barbara-Lee, Drew, Gavin, Fiona

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General Info


  1. Team: Our team meetings are going well; we’re learning together.
  2. Discipleship: We are encouraged by various discipleship/accountability times we’re having.
  3. Jesus: We are so thankful that HE has risen and won the victory. We certainly could not.


  1. Celebration: Please pray for the service this Sunday, for new people to come, for a sense of community in the “regulars”, and for the risen Christ to be proclaimed and glorified.
  2. Growth: We are itching to start Bible studies with new families. Please pray for wisdom and patience as we seek out new opportunities.
  3. Protection: Throughout our group of leaders we are feeling somewhat “under attack”. That’s very vague, and we couldn’t be more specific about anything, only in requesting God’s protection over our lives, families and ministries as a team.

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    Vincent Aketch

    Praise God! Well am Vincent, i got saved last year after along battle in sin. For now i have resolved to follow Jesus and to serve Him in these last days. I would like to grow and strength my faith under you. Hope to hear from you soon. Be Blessed. Shalom!

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