March 2009 Prayer Letter

This is just a quick update to ask for your prayers this week. We’ll be needing them this week. This week is our medical clinic and we are all geared up, the building is ready, and we’re excited. And we’re sick. What a great time to get sick-right before a swarm of 40 medical students descends on your church! The group is from Texas and comes down every year to do clinics. We’ve been privileged last year and this to host them. What a great way to share the love of Christ with our community. Additionally, Chris planned three Sundays of evangelism training here in March and today a big chunk of our service was going out to witness and invite people to the clinic. Tim was most excited to hear and see brand new Christians going out to tell others about Jesus and learning that they really can.

Another event this month, the 28th, is that we are taking 15 kids to a missions event at a local safari park. Most of them are kids from our neighborhood that attend the Kids’ Club faithfully. This is a reward and a chance to give them something special that they probably have never had the chance to do. People from church have stepped up to sponsor the kids. We’ll take this moment to say that we are really thankful for our church. It seems like people are really growing and taking responsibility and ownership of ministries and service. This ranges from planning special events to serving in ministries to witnessing to meeting needs. Things are not perfect, but it’s encouraging to see the church come together. Today people stayed after for an hour cleaning and preparing the building for the clinic. That reflects what’s going on. Thank the Lord with us.

1. Growth at church.
2. The time going out to share about Jesus.
3. The opportunity to host a medical clinic.

1. Health and strength this week.
2. For many people to come to the clinic; many opportunities to share the love of Christ.
3. The event with the kids on the 28th.

Thank you for your prayers this week.
Tim, Barbara-Lee, Drew, Gavin, Fiona

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