June 2015 Prayer Email

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Thanks for your prayers!

There and back again

Going back: Well, our time in the US, which began in January, has slipped by and now, at the end of June, we’re preparing to head back. We arrived in winter and go back in summer. Honestly, we were pretty wiped out when we arrived. 2014 was a fruitful, exciting year of growth and advance…and it was exhausting and weary, physically and spiritually. So we’ve just been quiet. Thank you for your patience!

Things have gone so fast! We had a very mild winter (sorry, East Coasters!) and a lovely spring and our time in Tacoma has been packed with goodness. Experiences, treats and people unique to the States are what make a furlough special.  We’ve covered a lot of ground, finished the year of homeschooling, and have enjoyed the change of pace and slower time here. And now…we’re starting to get ready for our return.

Reyna, Vale, Mau

Puebla People

Reyna, Valeria & Mau: We want to introduce you to some of the people at church. Reyna & her daughter, Valeria, accepted Christ and were baptized last year. Valeria is finishing up high school and is always full of joyful enthusiasm for her faith and for life in general. Reyna loves people and learning. We are sharing videos of their testimonies in churches. Pray for Mau, that he would follow Christ.

Our family


What do you do on “furlough”?: We get asked that question some. We are thankful that we don’t travel from one end of the country to another. So we get to enjoy a bit of a slower pace of life than in Puebla. We’ve used that in part with homeschooling, catching up on things there’s not normally time for (reading, walking), and enjoying “home things”, but also to be with people, especially local pastors.

Help Wanted

We are solidifying plans for a team to come down in August, a nurse in September and two short-term interns for the fall and into next year.

If a local church has a wireless mike & receiver that you’d be willing to give for our church there, please let us know!


  1. Rest: We have rested here in the US.
  2. Safety: in all our travels .
  3. Renewal: Of our relationships in churches


  1. Finishing up: It’s always hard to wrap things up and leave one place for another.
  2. Travel: We have 3600 miles of driving to do going back to Puebla.
  3. Re-entry: Getting back into life & ministry in Puebla. We have a team coming for a football camp right after we get back.


We thank you for your prayers!

Tim, Barbara-Lee, Drew, Gavin, Fiona


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