June 2013 Prayer Email

Goin’ to school!
Leadership training in the public schools
This is just a quick note to ask for your continued prayers as we host a team from Fellowship Bible Church in Springfield, OH. This is an exciting and unique time of ministry here in Pueblo Nuevo. We’ve ministered in the high school for two days. Here’s a quick list for your information, with prayer requests for the days to come. Please keep praying!
1. Thursday: We gave 5 decision-making workshops for over 400 students.
2. Friday: Today we taught a leadership training course for a core group of 21 students.
3. Saturday: We will run a youth rally. We’re hoping about 50 students will show up to run around the neighborhood. Pray for good attendance and clear Gospel communication.
4. Sunday: We will have another joint service with the group and small groups.
5. Monday: We will do a neighborhood service project (picking up trash) with the 21 student leaders.
6. Tuesday: We will do more work with the leaders.
7. Wednesday: We will do decision-making workshops for over 1,000 elementary school students.
8. Thursday: Get to know Puebla.
9. Friday: Goodbye!
As you can see we’ll be very busy.

Please be in prayer for:
1. The new leadership group, that God would use us to impacts students and the entire school.
2. A clear presentation of the Gospel tomorrow.
3. No rain tomorrow!
For some photos, click here.

Thank you!

In Christ,

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