June 2009 Prayer Letter

Here’s our prayer letter for June:

Greetings from Moscow, PA!
We made the 3000 mile trip from Puebla, to Moscow quite safely and mostly enjoyably. We’re thankful to the Lord for His gracious protection and kindness on our trip. After a week in Texas where we were able to upgrade our vehicle we continued up through some beautiful country before arriving a week later in Moscow, with Barbara-Lee’s parents. Here we’ve started work on our presentation for churches as well as some R&R and good time with family. So we’re thankful to be here. This Thursday we begin our trip to Tacoma. We’ll be staying with some friends and family on the way as well as attending EBM’s annual missionary enrichment conference. In Montana we’ll be stopping by a supporting church and then on or around August 10 we hope to arrive in Tacoma. We appreciate and value your prayers during these travels and we are excited to be able to see and re-connect with many of you!
We’ve been in touch with the church back in Puebla and it seems that things are going well. Chris is working diligently, meeting people, continuing existing Bible studies and starting a new one. This is a great moment for the church as it grows up to stand on its own two feet. People in the church seem to be coming forward to serve in ways that they hadn’t previously. We really trust that the Lord will protect and bless His church these days.
We don’t have too much more to report for now…we’ve been fairly good about posting photos on Facebook, for those of you who use that and are in the process of redesigning our website. We’ll let you know when it’s in shape and worthy of your attention!
1. Our safe travels thus far. The new (to us) car.
2. Good times with family and friends.
3. The continuing good work in Puebla.
1. Pray for Christian in Puebla. He’s working very hard and will need to refresh himself and protect his relationship with the Lord.
2. Safety on the road. Easily 4000 miles into things, we’ve still got more than 3000 miles to go.
3. Our relationship with the Lord. It’s difficult to find adequate time with Him being out of our house and a routine.

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