July 2013 Prayer Email


Opportunities past: Football! Our week of football training went really well.  We had 30+ kids ages 5-18, including our older players who served as coaches. Over the course of the week we shared Biblical character qualities and presented the Gospel on Thursday. We raised funds to provide garbage cans on the fields. And, we also met some new families. Last week, one of the moms and her son came to Bible study. Thank you for praying. Here are some photos.

We're also fully underway with planning to begin the new church. We've been meeting with the nucleus group to work on plans and philosophy, and this past Sunday we hosted a get-together for the larger support team, families and individuals who will be serving as we begin. It's exciting both to see what God is doing now in lives and to dream about what He will do.

Tim has begun discipleship with a young man, "D", whom we've known for a long time. He made a profession of faith many years ago, but is just now starting to grow into his faith, learning to read and apply the Bible in his life. 

Opportunities future: Looking ahead, we are planning to start services September 8th. There's an actual date! In August we'll be looking for a place to meet and use during the week as well as continuing to organize and plan according to God's leading.

A view of the lot

Step of Faith

Buying land: When we moved back to Puebla almost 3 years ago, we looked for housing in Pueblo Nuevo to buy or rent.  It took 4 months to find the place we rent now, and we never really felt right about buying anything. Until now. We have been able to purchase a plot of land on the main street through the neighborhood. Its location is great and it has space to put up both a house and a building on the street that we can use as a ministry center. We were able to negotiate a fair price, and we've had people helping us navigate the details of buying. We feel this is a wise, God-honoring decision and are both excited and scared. We think that's how walking by faith is supposed to look. We'll keep you updated on what's happening.

Daniel, Daniela, Tere, Fernando
Daniel y Tere

Daniel and Tere

Teammates: (Introduction to some Mexican colleagues) Daniel and Tere have become close friends in our 2+ years back in Puebla. Daniel is a material engineer and Tere a pharmaceutical biologist (and stay-at-home mom). Their marriage was saved when they accepted Jesus about 10 years ago, and they have grown steadily in the Lord since. Daniel is an elder in El Camino church. They are some of the most dedicated servants we know, always active in ministry.

Help Wanted

1) Prayer. Please be in prayer especially now for the new church. We'll list prayer requests below, but if you want to help, make a point to be praying daily for us and for our leadership team, Daniel & Tere (above), Abelardo & Sandy (last month) and the Prusia family, missionaries who've joined us (we'll tell their story next month!). Would you please email us if you would commit to praying daily for these people?
2) Construction. At some point we think we'll be looking for electricians and plumbers to help us with those aspects of a new house and ministry center. Please let us know!


  1. Church advance: God's graciousness in progressing toward the birth of a new "local expression of the body of Christ."
  2. Football camp: For good attendance and participation by local youth as coaches.
  3. Land purchase: A new opportunity for good stewardship of a plot of land.


  1. New church: Continue praying for wisdom as our leadership team makes decisions about the logistics and timing.
  2. New contacts: It was exciting to have 2 new families at Bible study last Tuesday. Pray for the Holy Spirit to work in their hearts.
  3. New house: Please pray for God to give wisdom in this process.

We thank you for your prayers!
Tim, Barbara-Lee, Drew, Gavin, Fiona

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