July 2012 Prayer Letter

Rainy season

75% of the US is suffering from drought. Here in Puebla, that’s hardly the case. We’re at the height of the rainy season. There have only been on or two days in the last two weeks when we haven’t gotten a good downpour. We appreciate the rain–everything turns so green and the weather is cool (50-70 degrees)–but it makes outdoor activities risky. Yesterday, for example, Tim’s & Drew’s basketball class got rained out. So it makes the most sense to plan outdoor events for the mornings which are almost always sunny and dry.

And we have events! We have two groups coming down in the next three weeks, one is Eddie’s church, Bethesda Baptist, from Indianapolis. The other is our home church, First Baptist of University Place. Next week we’ll be doing English classes to 60 kids in the mornings and an unknown number of adults. Then, after a week’s hiatus, we’ll be doing a VBS and service projects in the neighborhood. Barbara-Lee has been planning the curriculum for the kids. It’s going to be great! We’re glad to be serving the neighborhood and getting to know a large swathe of the community. Being “out there” serving and touching lives is what God has called us to do. Yesterday in the neighborhood’s government offices, we found ourselves talking to a young lady seeking legal help for a family problem. We couldn’t help her with that, but we could listen, briefly share the Gospel and pray with her. In time, God will bring visible results.

One of the encouraging things about the event these coming weeks is that we are seeing more and more involvement from the small group. From calling camp registrees to helping with the English camp to teaching the Bible lessons at VBS, we’re seeing the group active and committed to helping. Our plan and prayer is to encourage more and more participation and ownership in this nucleus.

Out of these activities we pray that beginning in the fall we will be able to start up several Bible studies in homes. Ultimately that’s our passion–sharing God’s Word and seeing His life and power change lives.

Passion Play

Elementary school English club

High school

High school values class

Help Wanted
We’re talking with a couple of young men who may be interested in coming down to work with us. Pray for God’s guidance for all parties involved.



Character class in the elementary


1. For the end of the school year a couple weeks ago. For Eddie’s good work at both the elementary and the high school.
2. For the groups coming down and the opportunities to serve and meet people.
3. For rain! And for bikes! And for kids who can ride them!


1. Pray for the two teams: for health and safety, for the work of the English and Bible camps, and for the team’s adaptability.
2. Pray for new Bible studies to come out of the events. For families and individuals to ask to study the Bible.
3. Pray for the small group and the prayer group to continue growing in participation and ownership of ministry in Pueblo Nuevo.

4. Pray for “G” and “C” who are undergoing some real hardship right now.

Thank you for praying for us!

Tim, Barbara-Lee, Drew, Gavin, Fiona


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