July 2009 Prayer Letter


We’re writing from the EBM conference in southern Indiana (no, there’s no way you’ve ever heard of the actual place we are). This is just a quick email to say that we’ve had good trips so far and are thankful for our good friends Miguel & Socorro in Ohio and Barbara-Lee’s brother, Rob, and the Hudsons who have hosted us. God is good and it’s special to receive His goodness in the form of deep friendships. We’ve been greatly encouraged here at the conference, re-connecting with the EBM family in a special way. There’s been great fun, challenging sessions, great thinking and thoughtful music. We’ve met up with people we haven’t seen in many years and made new friends. The sessions and leadership and fellow missionaries have helped us evaluate our past ministry and think through our plans for the future. It’s been a truly refreshing time.

But now, toward our home for the next year! The next stretch of our cross-continental odyssey is the long one, and so the main point of this email is just to request your prayers over the next 10 days as we put the pedal to the metal and drive. Here is our planned schedule:
July 31: with Hudsons one more night.
Aug 1: To Chicago with the Volpi’s
Aug 2: To Swisher, Iowa with the Glads
Aug 3: To the Badlands (our longest day’s drive, 650 miles with twins)
Aug 4: At the Badlands
Aug 5: Drive to Mt. Rushmore and camp at Devils Tower, WY (it doesn’t have an apostrophe)
Aug 6: Devils Tower to Little Bighorn and Billings.
Aug 7: Stay in Billings to finalize our presentation.
Aug 8: To Missoula
Aug 9: Present at Faith Baptist in Billings
Aug 10: Missoula to Tacoma.

Yes, we’ve built in a few days to enjoy the big skies of the West (and apparently to hang out with the Harley’s at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota). We do appreciate your prayers. Tim’s reading some history books and it’s amazing to think that our comfortable air-conditioned, DVD-playing car covers as much ground in 15 minutes as a covered wagon could have on a good day, but like many of those pioneers we still depend on God to allow us to go.

Also, we’ve posted our prayer card on our web site for any who are interested in seeing it or copying it off there.

1. Our safe travels thus far.
2. Good times with family and friends and the EBM family at the conference.
3. The continuing good work in Puebla.
1. Continue to pray for Christian in Puebla as he works hard. Also there are several health needs in the church.
2. Safety on the road. Only about 2000 miles to Tacoma!
3. Again, our relationship with the Lord that we will make adequate time with Him despite being out of our house and a routine.

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