January 2009 Prayer Email

Happy Constitution Day! (February 5th in Mexico but celebrated on Monday the 2nd for a three-day weekend)
This past Sunday in one of our sister churches here in Puebla during the service the bass player collapsed and died of a massive heart attack. He was 42 years old and left a wife and 3 kids. We know his in-laws well; they are missionaries from that church to the northern mountains of Puebla and we’ve worked with them on a medical missions trip. Talking with them they said, “What better way to go could you imagine? Serving God, doing something you love with your family.” Indeed, Gerardo stepped out of a worship service into a far greater one.

We do not know what the future holds, do we? It is so important to be sure of our faith in Jesus Christ, the one who died and rose again for our sins. And in Him our future is secure. Not “safe” or easy, maybe, but secure (Romans 8:31-39). Please pray for Gerardo’s wife, Alejandra, and her three children.
January has been a month of back-to-the-routine, but with a twist. We’re trying to take our last steps in Bible studies and responsibilities, handing them over to Christian and others in the church. One big project is readying the new building. February we will make a big push on that, cleaning, painting, sealing and repairing various parts or the building. In March we hope to host a medical clinic in the building and begin to make our presence known in that part of the city. We will also be hosting a course on personal finances, with an emphasis on practical application of biblical principles.

Christian is stepping up to the plate as pastor as Tim steps back and we are excited about that. Our desire is to see him growing and implementing the vision for the church, leading others to faithful service. On the 18th we had a good church meeting in which the church formally approved our move to the new building, our group of leaders, and Tim challenged them regarding the fact that our money is a stewardship from God.

1. The opportunity to be in and use a new building.
2. Growth in Christian.
3. We found a place to store our belongings during our year in the States. It’s in a house belonging to a church family.

1. The seminar on personal finances. People’s management of their personal finances directly affects church finances and the church’s ability to pay bills and have money for ministry.
2. Wisdom in continuing to plan our transition back to the States.
3. Alejandra and her family.

Grace be with you
Tim, Barbara-Lee, Drew, Gavin, Fiona



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