February 2011 Prayer Letter


This is a very quick update the night before we move! We’re renting a place in Pueblo Nuevo from our old landlord. We have a good working relationship with him and it will allow us to be in the neighborhood with flexible housing arrangments until we find something more permanent. So we’re not sure how long before we get internet service in our home. We’re waiting for a call from a service provider.

School time
Tim’s been giving computer classes in the elementary school for a few weeks now. It’s going well. It’s been fun, a little overwhelming, but it seems like something that will yield fruit in the future. We’re very thankful for this opportunity.

Projects in Pueblo Nuevo
Tim had supper with the neighborhood president and a local university VP last week. The purpose was to discuss possible cooperation between the to groups to help with neighborhood projects, such as planting trees, painting schools, and educational/vocational opportunities. This was great because it is an opportunity for relationship building, it is a potential source of help to us in projects in the community, and it could facilitate projects that groups from the U.S. could help out with. The meeting went better than Tim expected and seems to hold good potential for the future.

EBM Retreat
We had a good time in Veracruz voer a long weekend with all the EBM team. It was a chance for us all to be together for more of an extended time, to play together and pray together. We’re thankful for it. See our photo album of the trip.


1. For God’s provision of a house to rent.
2. For advances in relationship building in Pueblo Nuevo.
3. For our EBM time in Veracruz.


1. For the doors that are opening to service and relationships in Pueblo Nuevo.
2. Again, for the right permanent house in the neighborhood (and for our move tomorrow!).
3. For continued wisdom as we make contacts, work on team-building and generally try to figure out the best things to be working on.

This is an extra-short letter, but we wanted to get it out before we’re internet-orphans for who knows how long. We’ve been posting regularly on our blog on a variety of topics: ministry news, family updates, and opinions, so you can chekcc things out at www.theglessners.org.

Thank you for your prayers!

Tim, Barbara-Lee, Drew, Gavin, Fiona


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