February 2009 Prayer Email

Today (Sunday) we celebrated our first service in our new building. February was a hard month of work but the building is ready for use (some of the essentials? Connecting city water and drains, remodeling the auditorium, getting functioning bathrooms, scraping and repainting all the walls, putting up new walls, sealing the roof…). Working in cooperation with another ministry our church members (and you!) contributing pesos and labor in getting things ready. Special thanks to Kyle and Ed who came down from Tacoma to work on things! Christian was especially focused on the project. So today we had many of those who have helped for the initial service and a potluck (taquiza) afterwards. It was a time of praise and thanksgiving. We are starting evangelism training in preparation for our Medical Caravan coming up in a couple weeks. So give thanks to the Lord with us! If you want to see photos, look us up on Facebook!

The past two Mondays nights at Kids’ Club we’ve been teaching about putting others before yourself. Last Monday we gave the kids a chance to buy something at the Kids’ Club Store (with points they earn every week) and then go out and give it to someone with a need. Wow. It was amazing and moving to see the kids (some very poor themselves) respond with joy and generosity. This was probably a first for most of them and it seems that this was something that really will leave a lasting impression. As we teach them about God and His most generous gift, Jesus, we trust that most of them have really accepted Him. Pray with us for lasting fruit from this work.

March’s big event is the medical clinic. We’re excited about the opportunity to make an impact in our new neighborhood by caring for people’s needs.

The new building.
2. Kids’ Club: the kids’ generosity.
3. Ed and Kyle and all the others who have worked hard at the new building.
1. Security at the new building. A missionary family parked in front of the building lost their mirrors from their car.
2. Wisdom in continuing to plan our transition back to the States.
3. Preparations for the medical clinic.

Grace be with you
Tim, Barbara-Lee, Drew, Gavin, Fiona



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