April 2009 Prayer Letter

That’s what people here say to you here when you sneeze. We’ve been hearing it a lot lately. We’ve been cycling through colds and coughs and fevers and infections since the middle of February. Even the medical clinic didn’t help! We’re trying to pull out of things now. But our “light and momentary” illnesses remind us to be thankful. We’re generally so healthy. We have a lady at church fighting cancer. We have prayed for so many sick people and for many of you. So we have much to be thankful for and remember those who are truly sick.

And of course (since we started this letter) the latest news is the porcine influenza epidemic here.  Today all schools were closed until May 6. Additionally the government is closing all public gatherings.  We cancelled kids’ club tonight and will be evaluating other activities,
including our service next Sunday.  We would ask your prayers for Mexico.

Yesterday we celebrated Children’s Day.  We had more than 25 children and many
visitors.  8 of the kids were from our neighborhood.  Most
encouraging was that so many people from the church planned and executed the
day.  We are thankful for what God is doing to allow the church to run
without us.

Last month we took 13 kids from our neighborhood club to a local safari park for

Missionary Adventure

Missionary Adventure

the day.  Local churches put on a “Missionary Adventure”, a time to
promote missions to children ages 6-11.  It was an impressive time.
Over a thousand kids were there to enjoy a session of music and clowns and
then visit 15 workshops presenting a missions field.  After it finished
we took them to see the animals.

Children’s Day
We’re now at the packing stage.  We have less than 30
days before we leave.  Things are going well as we sell a few items,
pack up books, and make moving arrangements.  We’re sad to be leaving
here, but excited to be able to see many of you again.  There are many
last minute-details we’re working on.

1. Children’s Day at church: great church-wide participation and many visitors.
2. At least one person prayed to accept Christ as their Savior at the Children’s Day service.
3. The many people who will be helping us move our stuff to storage.

1. Health: Pray for wisdom for the Mexican authorities as they confront the epidemic, and for the many people who are ill.  Pray for a lady, Andrea, in the hospital for a kidney transplant.
2. Ministry: Last minute details in the ministry as we wrap things up.
3. Move: Our move and trip up to the States.  We’ll try to fill you in on our plans as we set out.

We so much appreciate you, knowing that you care about us and are praying.

Tim, Barbara-Lee, Drew, Gavin, Fiona


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