Baptism Sunday

Today we took our FBUP team out to a camp to join with Comunidad Bíblica at a baptism service. What a special day! Our US home church with our former Mexican church, celebrating communion, Sunday worship, and baptism. It was a very emotional time. And the camp is in a beautiful place as well. Two things made the day extra special. First, Tim baptized Drew. We are so thankful for God’s gracious hand on Drew and the evidence of salvation in his life. He understood and wanted to be baptized.

Second, a family was baptized with a special story. Seven years ago on Easter, Tim was able to share the Gospel with them and the dad made a profession of faith. However, within a very short time after this, they received kidnapping threats and moved away from Puebla within days. We only saw them sporadically after this. Their spiritual growth stagnated, the daughter has made some bad choices, and there was really no good sign of life in their family. However, the folks at Comunidad have been faithful in following up with them over the years, especially with the daughter. They all moved back to Puebla a year ago or so, and this year have been faithfully attending church and eagerly seeking to grow in a relationship with the Lord. Just yesterday, meeting with Pastor Chris, they decided that they wanted to confess their faith in Christ and be baptized. So today they were, father, mother, daughter. It was a thrill to see. God is faithful. Over seven years have passed since Tim shared the Gospel and they responded. Over eight since the church first made contact with them. And of course today is not a culmination, only a significant step forward in the Lord. We’re never finished growing and following Jesus, are we? But we’re thankful for milestones like today: for Drew, the family, and the others who were baptized, and for this display of God’s faithfulness in Comunidad Bíblica.

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    Mom K - aka Grammy

    It’s great to hear that things went so successfully. Extra great that Drew was baptized. Special that his Dad could baptize him. Must have been wonderful for both of them. Did Gavin and Fiona have any comments? Been praying for all 3 since they’ve been babies (& before.) Love, Mom

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    That is so exciting to not only baptize your son, but a family who you have followed through the years! Congratulations to you all! I will be praying for those baptized as they continue their journey of faith.

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