June 2012 Prayer Letter

We’re starting a big push for the summer. Three groups visiting (plus good-bye to one already here!). The first group, from Springfield, OH, arrives in, oh…3 hours. So pray for us! Read the letter here. … or after the break…

Time for Travel!

For you in the US, that is. Summer is here, school is out, or almost, gas prices are high, so that means it’s time for traveling. We’re not going anywhere; it’s US teams that are coming here. We had a great two weeks with three young ladies from Baptist Bible College, they left on Saturday, and on Friday a team from Springfield, OH arrives. We’ll have two more teams coming, each doing a different ministry. We’ll be doing values/morals assemblies in the high school and elementary, an English camp for kids, a VBS, and each group will be doing various service projects in the neighborhood as well. Again, our goal and prayer in this is that God will use our good works among the community to lead to opportunities to share the Gospel and start home Bible studies (Matthew 5:16, 2 Peter 3:14-15).

We asked for prayer for the soccer camp. It went exceedingly well. You can read a longer account on our web site here, but in summary we had 80 kids the first day and 100 the second. The first day got rained out about half an hour before the end, but the second day we were able to share the Gospel. It was a bit of a zoo–crowd control is always a huge challenge at these–but a friend, whose son is on Drew’s soccer team, came up and said how much this is needed here (both the soccer and the message). We’ve had kids keep asking for more ever since!

This week is a getting-ready week. We’ll be doing our first big group here and we are ambitiously going into the schools. Eddie has laid the groundwork in the high school, where the group will be giving talks to the students on decision-making regarding drugs, sex, and healthy options. We’ll also be working with the fifth and sixth graders at the elementary school. It’s a great chance to be more open about how the Bible shapes our decision making. We can’t openly evangelize in that context, but we can refer to the Bible and offer to talk more off-campus with kids. We’re praying for some responses.

Soccer Camp

Help Wanted
We’ve mentioned this before, but since we just said goodbye to Sarah, Rachel and Kristen, three Baptist Bible College students who were with us for two weeks, it’s worth mentioning that we are open to hosting people who want to taste life on a foreign mission field. The three helped in our regular activities, got to see a variety of ministries, and also experienced the highs and lows of daily living here (cancelled plans, flexible scheduling…). If you feel that God is leading you abroad, and want to see real life here, let us know!


BBC ladies

Our BBC visitors at small group


1. For the soccer camp.
2. For Sarah, Rachel, and Kristen’s time here.
3. Fiona, Gavin and Drew finish school on Friday! It’s the end of Gavin’s and Fiona’s first year!


1. Pray that we will be able to follow up with our soccer contacts. The women’s team from a local university may volunteer to give monthly clinics.
2. For new Bible studies. For “G” & “C” (from last month’s letter), and several other men and families.
3. For the Springfield group, for God’s protection on the trip, and for good results in the schools.

Thank you for praying for us!

Tim, Barbara-Lee, Drew, Gavin, Fiona


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