EBM Retreat

Well, we’re here in Veracruz, sitting at poolside, enjoying our free time. It’s been a slavedriver of a conference so far. We were in session until 11 PM last night. Brutal.

Ok, that’s because we didn’t start until after 9:30, after getting back from supper around 8:30. Yup, we don’t take our times too seriously at these things. The goal is relaxation, rest, fellowship, and if we learn a few things along the way, great! That’s because the organizers have a combined 7 kids under the age of 11. So that kind of dictates flexibility and relaxed schedules.

We’re going through passages in Joshua. It’s been good. Bryan took us through chapter one yesterday afternoon, and everyone stayed awake last night while I went over Joshua 2.

Well, I feel duty bound to get back into the water. Here are some photos from yesterday: EBM Retreat 2011.

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