A new house

Well, after three months of looking, we found a house in Pueblo Nuevo. I suppose I’m not as excited as I ought to be (I think I’m as thankful as I ought to be), because it’s more of temporary housing, and we’ll be sharing space in front with cars (a two car front-to-back garage), a strange water-storing setup, a tai-kwon-do school, and a few other quirks. But we ARE thankful, it gets us into Pueblo Nuevo, and the owners are reliable, good people. They are the owners of our previous house who remodeled it and moved back in. They were renting this place, but those renters moved out. Lord willing, we’ll be in this place only 6 months to a year. I’m kind of resigned to the reality that we’ll be building a house…which has some real good points (we get to design it and outfit it more or less as we want) and hard points (WE get to do it, at least oversee it, which is a lot of work). But this is a step in the right direction, and an answer to prayer, for which we are grateful. Thanks for your prayers!

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