Una Blanca Navidad, desde Puebla

Have you seen the cartoon of Santa and four reindeer singing the Drifters’ version of White Christmas? Well, we have been inspired by it for a few years now (both the cartoon and the song), and were finally inspired enough to do our own, uh, version.

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    What a grand new edition to our collection of Christmas CD’s!! We will treasure this more than any other!!!Thank you for such a wonderful rendition of White Christmas! How we miss you!!

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    That was too funny! Great job! You should think about taking it on the road… 😉

    Have a very merry Christmas in Acapulco. We don’t have snow, but we have plenty of rain!

    God bless,

  3. 3

    What great voices you have!

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    Kim Saunders

    Thank you for the holiday smiles! Tim, who knew your singing voice was such a dreamy baritone? Drew is the new undiscovered talent and I love how Gavin can sing and work on that perplexing thing (whatever it could be) in his mouth all at the same time. Of course, Barbara-Lee and Fiona, behind every genius is a good woman or two! So, we all know the true cement that holds this cast of all-stars all together. Please send us an autographed copy of your first release soon! Seriously, we are rejoicing in the video of the church service–what a tremendous amount of musical talent is already there and if we could ever learn Spanish I’m sure we would be even more blessed (and we are rejoicing that Kim could figure out how to open those links–cool)! Glad you were able to sneak away to Acapulco (to God be the glory)! So happy to see this encouraging note! Love and prayers,
    The Saunders

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    Thanks, Kim. We had fun doing the video–it was the culmination of a month of overdose on Christmas music. Thanks for your prayers.

  6. 6
    Susan Carter

    That was AWESOME!!! Tim, reminds me of “Acapulco”…. do you remember that from years and years ago? lol

  7. 7

    Yeah, it was part of the inspiration for the work. Those were good times.

  8. 8

    Wowsers – – how come I never saw this till today???! That was hilarious…especially Gavin’s tummy and Drew’s writing the Christmas cards as he sang =) Love, Love, Love it! Reminds me of singin in the kitchen!! Miss you deeply! Love, Jana

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