Drew’s bike ride

Pueblo Nuevo wasn’t the ideal place for learning to ride a bike and we never got around to getting a bike for Drew. So we were just bad parents…

So when we got to Tacoma last year we found a bike (two, actually) at a garage sale and set out to teach Drew. Well, we didn’t get as far as we wanted, and then winter set in, and that’s not ideal conditions. But now that the weather has turned nice (really nice), we broke out the bike again. Last Friday tim & Drew went along Chambers Creek and then Tim decided we just needed to go for it, so he took off the training wheels. Drew did pretty well then, but today, he needed no help (well, except for starting and stopping). Here is the raw footage:

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    Awesome job Drew! Your Aunt Laura is proud of you!!

  2. 2


    Tim; mi hermano…. necesitas dejar de tomar alcohol porque tu pulso tiembla demasiado! 🙂 jejejeje..

    Un abrazo a todos con mucho cariño!!!

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