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(English → Español) View originalTranslators: We were recently asked by a supporting church to send them a video update on what’s happening here, so, naturally, we obliged. This is what came of it, a 4-minute video about us, the work here, a neat story, the new church plant and the property. We filmed it on […]

A late Christmas to you69a8skluvmlx215dugm5sxx833i10olnA late Christmas to you">A late Christmas to you52wfm0do4bfrmag2uwde26dnywibwdz0A late Christmas to you

(English → Español) View originalTranslators: December 22 our neighbors up the street did a traditional Mexican Christmas party, called a Posada, with a Christmas play, called a Pastorela. We went along and enjoyed getting to know them, and the performance. It’s taken this long to put the videos together and post them. It’s an interesting […]

Official 2011 Glessner Christmas Music Videof2oneoyyhzs4cw7z4d48r4fw527347wmOfficial 2011 Glessner Christmas Music Video">Official 2011 Glessner Christmas Music Videodwzab44kqfp3u3v10htxdj5w8ae9tcyfOfficial 2011 Glessner Christmas Music Video

(English → Español) View originalTranslators: Well, we’ve had other things on our plate, but better late than never. Or early! Way early for 2012!j0sft2tync0c1hcnn7km5qr7y173369a Courtesy of Relient K, “I ain’t gettin nuttin for Christmas” which surely must be the best rendition of the song ever, even though I haven’t gone and listened to every version […]

Video linkqgnf4rcvx64fllzdr6bp44x02ry0pjc8Video link">Video linkowdse2qi07rg8s0z3xs1uxzrzsqd237xVideo link

(English → Español) View originalTranslators: You may notice the new Video link at the top. I’m adding a separate page for videos, just to see if it’s worth doing. We don’t do a lot of videos, but every so often we do, and that’s where I’ll put all the links together. There are some really […]

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