Sermón: Mateo 2:13-232zzkq8rpmx2183wz2qxq9xt7i40nkmfiSermón: Mateo 2:13-23">Sermón: Mateo 2:13-23wafzolkbl8qegc355q1rc1quup994e8wSermón: Mateo 2:13-23

(English → Español) View originalTranslators: Nota: este sermón ser predicó el 27 de enero. ¡Se publica unas semanas después!5albllydej3yi2fseg67tv5v2l07fq01 El nacimiento de Jesúsryhfjbmkoxcrygr8hskjbyvdqa7jm26x La mano de Dios: Mateo 2:13-23sl5r7xm33v0itc4kx4pl5bdcooe1e4oj Introducción: ¿Sabes la leyenda de Quetzalcoatl o la leyenda de Popo e Izta?  Unas leyendas son historias padres nada más pero otras nos pueden lastimar, como […]

Parks in Pueblamhx3x3xua0tjf5czhmtq279nd7gdrbxvParks in Puebla">Parks in Pueblacz9oew9i9jaooe1p9eughqfmgrpx1iqfParks in Puebla

(English → Español) View originalTranslators: One of the great lacks of Puebla is green space–parks. There are some decent ones, and we love them, but coming from very green areas (WA & PA) we sometimes miss wide swathes of green grass and lots of trees rustling in the wind. Yesterday we found a neat little […]

NOT the Big One6sdcaptn4t7jn6268v0qz5fg3k9tjygmNOT the Big One">NOT the Big Onerktb3nosnzttw1u6zl9aqdj53xshorcwNOT the Big One

(English → Español) View originalTranslators: About noon today we were in the office (aka Starbucks) when the building started to shake, just a little at first then more and more, back and forth. Everyone’s reaction was the same: dawning realization, then looking around to see if anyone else felt it, then looking at each other […]

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