Sermón: Mateo 2:13-237tpe1ab74zk23t0zswg8ls5buowjjmkzSermón: Mateo 2:13-23">Sermón: Mateo 2:13-23uhdnhyw00ys12d7fibc1k2vtgvh957nkSermón: Mateo 2:13-23

(English → Español) View originalTranslators: Nota: este sermón ser predicó el 27 de enero. ¡Se publica unas semanas después!962llu9289ty86joireqtmtsf53ocvxk El nacimiento de Jesúse4wgvcdlwwef8i0qflh3ruyqv984vb5c La mano de Dios: Mateo 2:13-23onj2hdkbnuhwmqclfxckl9ez5xmblhtq Introducción: ¿Sabes la leyenda de Quetzalcoatl o la leyenda de Popo e Izta?  Unas leyendas son historias padres nada más pero otras nos pueden lastimar, como […]

Repentance and really bad kingsuljd1t11vbptvkkmi0okn18hycrr02n7Repentance and really bad kings">Repentance and really bad kings01848t2lzi5o2s858rs33wj23jh4v5ukRepentance and really bad kings

(English → Español) View originalTranslators: One of the more interesting characters in the Old Testament is Ahab. Not the whale-hunter from Moby Dick, but the king of Israel. Maybe the most interesting story from his life is when he connives with his wife to steal a vineyard–killing the owner in the process.u0zj0nrr84ih0e77n3qcl4qr3eydce6r Ahab is stated […]

Limping alongui8zpwekm58zocr7q535842557eo0ldbLimping along">Limping along5b8mp9bnxk8h502oiugd47yxqxazjvbzLimping along

(English → Español) View originalTranslators: Today in devotional reading I came across 1 Kings 18:21, in which Elijah (in the original Hebrew) asks Israel, “How long will you limp along on two crutches (sticks)? If YHWH is God, go after him.  If Baal is God, go after him.”  I  think the verse speaks pretty well […]

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